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All you need is lourve…Louvre Gate

All you need is lourve…Louvre Gate

A big, beautiful Louvre Gate barrier for Auckland A large entrance point will often require both careful security and ease of access. We went the distance ensuring Josh Langford at First Choice Fences & Gates had a gate he could depend on. Eight metres long and...

Remote Control

Remote control: Video guides make automation easy Our Youtube channel is now home to a range of tips and advice for making the most of V2 automation. No, they don’t have the budget or special effects of Avatar and Lord of the Rings. And, let’s face it, they probably...

Jim Green

Jim Green Jim Green has moved into the role of Business Development Manager. Based in Auckland and will be the go-to guy for our Auckland-based clients.  Working in: The construction industry for over 22 years now, the qualified joiner has gone from on-site work, to...
Cantilever can-do

Cantilever can-do

Cantilever can-do The new gate design is on a roll Our cantilever rail gates have proven extremely popular, so much so that a recent run quickly sold out. Don’t worry though – there’s more arriving very, very soon.   With hollow core aluminium construction these gates...
Tewai Smelter: The game changer

Tewai Smelter: The game changer

Tewai Smelter: The game changer Tewai’s time is up? The writing has been on the wall for some time now. For over a decade rumours on the imminent closure of New Zealand’s southern smelter has bubbled away. Now that closure seems even closer… At the time of publication...