Cantilever can-do

The new gate design is on a roll

Our cantilever rail gates have proven extremely popular, so much so that a recent run quickly sold out. Don’t worry though – there’s more arriving very, very soon.


Smelter aluminium

With hollow core aluminium construction these gates deliver incredible lightweight strength, making them adaptable for a range of needs. In particular high-end residential customers and those on lifestyle blocks are finding the built-tough functionality very useful. With no need for ground tracks these gates cover the ground easily, no matter if this ground is gravel, tiles or even grass.


There are plenty of other advantages to aluminium construction too. There’s no steel monorail that can degrade and rust over time. The silent operation makes for peaceful days and nights. And the hollow core of the gate reduces weight and, in doing so, reduces the size of the foundations needed.

Best of all, this design can deliver approximately 40% of savings in manufacturing time when compared with traditional steel construction methods. We can get a stronger, more adaptable gate to you faster and easier.

We’re obviously happy with the market response to this new design, especially as it comes on the back of 12 months worth of careful research, testing and refinement. With trips to Europe and countless hours put in behind the scenes the hard work paid off – more and more sites around New Zealand are having this model installed.

To make an order, or enquire further, simply contact us or click here for a brochure.