Here at Urban Group we see amazing Gates and Fences every day and our team get excited when they see gates and fences they have had part in designing, making or shipping for your customers – and YOU (our installers)!

We want to showcase the great work you do via our social channels, and give you the chance to Win a Weber on Us.

How To Win a Weber on Us:

  1. Send good quality photos of your best Urban Gate, Urban Fence or Stabiwood Install by using the form below.
  2. You can send 2 per install with a maximum of 3 install (6 photos total)
  3. We will name the product, and the installer and share on our Facebook Page May 2022 – Great Installs Folder
  4. You have until 20 May to add your 3 projects
  5. On 20 May we will invite the general public to like the installs they consider the best.
    1. We know your customers and employees are your biggest fans and will vote so feel free to share the promotion with them – they must like the photo on the URBAN Facebook page
    2. If you want to share the photo feel free but tell them to like the URBAN GROUP NZ photo in the folder
  6. On 30 May we will see which installation photo has the most likes and that Installer will Win a Weber on Us
Click here to see the Urban Group Installs


How to give your customers a chance to win a $100 Voucher
We will also give a $100 voucher to a randomly selected person who liked the most popular installation photo. Feel free to share with your customers they can win $100 voucher just by liking your install.

To make it easy you can copy and paste this message 🙂

We have some of our favourite gate or fence installs on facebook you can go in the draw for $100 voucher just by liking our photo before 30 May.
We buy and install Urban Group NZ products and they have some of our work on their Facebook Page.
Go to
Open the May 2022 Great Installs Album to find our photos and “Like” them – Its That Easy.
You can see that Album in the image above.
Urban Group will select a random person from those image likes – and they will win a $100 voucher (or $300 off an Urban Group Product).
Make sure you like the images in the Urban Group Album to make sure you are in with a chance to win.



You will fill this form in for each project. So we can keep track of your three projects.