As I write this the NZ borders are getting increasingly more open and Kiwis can come home, travel overseas and conduct business more easily. The COVID-19/Omicron/Delta/Deltacron landscape has been shifting sands and we suspect it will continue to be that way. We think its the new normal.

THANK YOU – for your support across NZ’s variable operating conditions with lock-downs, traffic lights and, at times, confusing in business conditions.

While we have had some staff down with COVID with staff buy-in we have been able to manage safe and sensible practises including staff distancing, sensible management of staff movement onsite or when meeting customers. This has allowed Urban Group NZ to continue manufacturing and supplying NZ’s Premier Gates and Fences. At times production and transport have been impacted more than slower than we’d all like but much less than if we didn’t adopt safe and sensible  practises. We are all in the same situation managing unplanned self isolations, staff absences, material delays, and variable reception to COVID19 business approaches.

  • Thank you to those locals who have ordered online or over the phone rather than coming into our offices, or have managed to book well in advance.
  • Thank you to customers who have pre-ordered and held stocks before install dates  – we know you have invested extra cash and effort to do this.
  • Thank you to the customers who are still meeting our teams and we are happy to continue working with your site rules – Masks, Sanitising, Social Distancing or even Teams meetings – these all work for us!


Keep up the good work!

Between Urban Group and our customers we think the NZ Gate and Fence market has been very well looked after in challenging times.