Here at Urban Group we appreciate we are part of the wider NZ economic drive for sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

Aluminum is designed for aesthetics and durability. It’s also recyclable ..being able to be recycled and reused as Aluminum products multiple times.

You may be aware that Urban Group also supply Stabiwood products as it is made with 90% recycle materials it just fits with our sustainability goals.You may not be aware that StabiWood is also recyclable – the aluminium posts, top rails and bottoms rails are clearly recyclable. But many NZ’ers are not very aware of the another key benefit of Wood Plastic Composite (StabiWood, StabiDeck and StabiFence) is that it can be collected and turned into Wood Plastic Composite.

NZ testing has shown WPC can be reused as WPC 8 times. We are happy to supply NZ with such environmentally friendly fencing, gates and decks.