December is National Pool Gate Month – in Australia. We think it’s time NZ does the same.

The team at Urban Group NZ think Pool Safety is essential to protect your greatest assets your family or whanau.That’s why we stock and supply a comprehensive range of pool compliant fencing and gates. We also stock the high quality D&D Technologies range of gate latches, and fencing hardware to accompany our range of Pool Fences and Gates.

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Here is a useful 10 point checklist to help you asses how compliant your pool or spa is:

  1. Does my gate open outwards, away from the pool/spa?
  2. Is the latch release knob at least 1500mm above the ground level?
  3. Does my pool/spa gate self-close and self latch?
  4. Are my gate hinges rust-free and bind free?
  5. Does my gate have tension-adjustable hinges for reliability?
  6. Does my latch prevent being locked in “open position”?
  7. Does my latch design prevent being disengaged by using implement or foreign objects?
  8. Does my gate latch prevent being opened by jolting or shaking?
  9. Will my pool/spa gate shut securely from any open angle with a minimum force?
  10. Does my gate comply with all NZ Standards for Pools including NZS 8500:2006?

The guide above is compiled using information from D&D Technologies (link here), this is provided as helpful starter towards consumer and public safety.
It is not to replace the NZ standards or legislation. If you answered “NO” or “I don’t know” then please check.

If you have any questions please refer to these useful links or check with your local council many of them have very useful guides and downloads to help you. can download the Pool Fence standard for free in NZ.


If you do not have your Pool Fence or Gates sorted – please reach out to our team at or 0800 80 33 26 to organise a compliant pool fencing solution.
We have a nationwide network of installers who are ready to go, and good stocks of pool fences, pool gates and compliant D&D Technologies latches/hardware waiting to protect you and your family.


NZ’s team of millions is pretty good at getting on behind good safety initiatives like being sunmart, or going smokefree. We think its past time for us have a “Government Powered Initiative” to Check your Pool Fence and Gate like the Australia National Pool Gate Month  supported by the Australian Minister of health (see the video below)

If you agree – feel free to reach out to the NZ Minister for Health and share your view. The contact details can be found here