Are you either buying gates and don’t have the budget for a fully custom gate or you are finishing a fence and your gate is just off size?

We have your back! These are exactly where Urban Group NZ off-the-shelf adjustable gates come in.
Our clever design allows you to:

remove the vertical caps, unscrew some screws and adjust for the width you require

Assure Adjustable Pedestrian Gates

1200mm high, 1500mm high and 1800high by 1170mm wide there is an adjustable gate option for you.
They look great.
They are fast to dispatch across NZ.
They are quick to install.
They are cost effective

Adjustable Pedestrian Gates and Adjustable Driveway Gates

The Assure range also comes with matching off-the-shelf fence panels and driveway gates. It’s not surprising to know our Assure Driveway Gates include adjustable options too.

With the addition of Adjustable Pedestrian Gates and Adjustable Driveway gates your customer can have it all – a smart looking perimeter fence and gates with custom width openings at off-the-shelf pricing.