Battery backup solution for gate automation.

Winter is a great time to be thinking about battery backup for any gate automation projects. From experience, we have found that both the installers and their clients find themselves looking for the manual release keys in a desperate time of need to open the gate and exit their property or to close it and make it secure.

Because power outages aren’t a regular occurrence, the key required to manually release the motor is quite often lost or the process for releasing the gate motor is often forgotten which can result in a frustrating experience, something which is usually as simple as a click of a button.

All of our 24v range of sliding and swing gate motors can be supplied with this battery back up kit which allows the gate motor to continue to operate for a few cycles in the event of a power failure and will reduce the likelihood of needing to find the key to manually close or open the gate.

The addition of a battery back up system for most 24v gate automation projects are straight forward and can save everyone a world of hassle in that desperate time of need.

Battery back up can also be added to previously installed 24v automation systems but may require more work.

Feel free to make contact with us if you would like an installer to discuss the addition of battery back up for your project. If you are an installer and would like to discuss this topic in more detail we have our Automation Manager Jordan Mirelli available for your assistance with  design, implementation and fault diagnosis.

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