The little things go a long way when installing fencing and gates. Time = Money so Urban Group NZ are on the look out for ways to save our customers time and money.

Many of our customers and installers are installing fences on level ground – so all verticals look vertical and horizontals are level. When traditional welded fencing strikes uneven ground you are presented with some limited options:

  1. Trim Verticals to accommodate a small change in ground level – this is effective but not perfect.
  2. Step Panels so fences are a series of steps as a slop falls away – this is effective but installers are often trying to make all steps the same so the aesthetics work.
  3. Custom Made Raking Panels – when customer want all verticals to be vertical with a good site measure up and a plan drawn up – Urban Group NZ custom manufacture raking panels so verticals are vertical and horizontals follow the slope of the ground. These panels are very slick to look at but are time consuming to fabricate and require an investment in time and/or money.

The Solution?

Urban Group NZ have a flexible raking solution available – Raking Panels cunningly designed and manufactured to allow installers to fix one end to a post and lift the other end up or down with all verticals staying vertical. You can avoid the wait for a custom made solution and buy these off the self with a good degree of installation flexibility. They are cost effective and efficient to order and install.

This smart solution is exclusively available to Urban Group NZ customers as an “off the shelf” range in these Fence Styles:

  • Premier – raking up to 22 degrees
  • Secura – raking up to 20 degrees
  • Assure – raking up to 30 degrees
  • Assure HD – raking up to 20 degrees
  • Maximus – raking up to 30 degrees