Hot on the back of the 2022 Urban Group Brochure – seen here we have finalised our Urban Group 2022 Pocket Guide and they are being printed as we type this update. You may even receive you copies before you read this in the monthly email update.

Pocket Guides are a great tool to give your customers so they finalise choices between products in the comfort of their homes, over glass of wine/beer with friends and family.

As one of our installers, developers or key customers you’ll find the key differences are:

  • Pocket Guides are a convenient A5 size making them easy to share physically or as a small email attachment
  • Pocket Guides are easily shared with multiple customers and in out of town locations
  • Pocket Guides give a snapshot of the full range of Urban Products including Gates, Fences, StabiWood and Automation solutions including the recent release of the V2Go application.
  • Brochures are suited to “in office” or face to face presentations
    • supported by QR codes it includes easy access to web links PS 1’s, installation guides and detailed specifications for installers, developers and specifiers.

If you’d like physical or digital copies of the Urban Group 2022 Pocket Brochures please contact the team on 0800 80 33 26 or email and we will get you sorted.

OR Click to download your Pocket Guide here