Plain Fence Panel

Plain by name but attractive in value, it’s the perfect choice for residential use when you need an entry-level panel that’s strong, reliable and cost-effective.

We’ve been supplying this panel for close to two decades now and it’s safe to say, with the obvious strengths it provides, we’ll be selling it for years to come. Compliant for pool fencing and quick to install in walkway and boundary applications, the Plain panel fits the budget as easily as it fits the landscape.

Plain fencing panel aluminium

Compliant for pool fencing

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Privacy and style

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  • Pool Fencing Compliant
  • Slim vertical tubes
  • Profiled rails
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminium
  • 1200mm height
  • Pool fencing
  • DIY installation
  • Light residential use
  • Cost-effective placement
Heights: 1.2m
Width: 2.4m
Horizontals: 38x25mm
Verticals: 16mm rounds, 89mm gaps

Plain Fence Panel Gallery

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