Spartan Fence Panel

spartan fencing panel civils commercial

Our Spartan panel is lining up and marching down (and around) our country’s motorways, schools, parks and civil projects.

While this type of design has been part of the New Zealand landscape for decades we didn’t rush in with introducing our own version.
Instead we checked and double-checked production and distribution processes to ensure both quantity and quality standards could be consistently met.

This fence type is unique to our country, and is mostly used on motorway projects as a separation between the cycle-way/ footpath
and the main motorway. Simple in design but effective in action, it is a no-nonsense, cost-effective solution for large-scale fencing projects.

spartan fencing panel civils commercial

Cost effective for large scale fencing

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Available in black or galvanised

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  • High quality HDG finish
  • Available in black or galvanised finish
  • Strong but lightweight, easy to install
  • 1200mm/1300mm/1500mm/1800mm height range
  • Schools, motorways, parks
  • NZTA compliance
  • Pool compliance
  • A cost effective fencing solution

Heights: 1.2m, 1.3m, 1.5m, 1.8m
Width: 2.4m
Wire diameter: 7.5mm
Finish: Galvanised



Spartan 1200mSpartan 1800m


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