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Fast motor option -for gates up to 400kg
• Accurate and safe operation with encoder
• Obstacle detection
• Programmable acceleration and deceleration
• Self-learning of opening and closing times
• Operation in case of absence of power using the 161237 backup battery
• Operation with solar power using the ECO-LOGIC system
• Synchronized operation of two motors using the SYNCRO module
• Magnetic limit switches, all accurate and reliable over time

electric gate opener sliding torq v2

Opening time - 26m/min

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Description Fast Motor for gates up to 400kg
CODE 23G002
Gate maximum weight 400kg
Battery backup option Yes
Gate speed 26m/min
Duty cycle 70%
  • Programming achieved using 3 program buttons and display
  • Plug-in adaptor for modular radio receiver MR2
  • 2 inputs for photocells with self-test function
  • 2 inputs for mechanical or resistive safety edges
  • Courtesy light output
  • Energy Saving function to minimise consumption in stand-by mode
  • Self-learning opening time and obstacle detection function
  • Operational cycle counter, with programmable maintenance reminders
  • Slowing down in the limit switch area
  • Soft start (programmable start-up rate)
  • Monitoring of input status using the display
  • ADI connector for connecting

Gate motor dimensions for installation Torq V2