We’re happy to announce the arrival of Richard Trevethick to the Urban Group team, his energy and expertise the perfect match for a busy and multifaceted role.

Creating a solid work/life balance is important to our new Customer Services Manager. In Richard’s life away from the office he’s relaxing with music and DIY projects, busy with cricket and motorbike riding, or spending valued time with friends and family.That’s why, when we approached him with an offer, he saw the opportunity to both work in an exciting industry and ensure his family could enjoy the local lifestyle.

Growing up at Waitarere Beach and in Levin, with a helpful mix of manufacturing, management and recruitment career experience, he’s got a solid understanding of the lay of the land. As importantly, he has a positivity and energy that’s contagious. In his previous job this get-it-done attitude delivered the right results, be it setting up a manufacturing plant in China or managing over 50 staff.

Now he’s putting this mindset to good use ensuring our customers have the relevant information when and where they need it, everything from preparing quotations to tracking down product information to project follow-up and much, much more.

Ask Richard his favourite aspect of the job and he’s quick with an answer. It’s working with great people, he says. That’s the team I’ve found here and the customer base. It certainly makes any challenges that much easier to overcome.

Service with a smile is at the heart of our ethos, which is why we think Richard is the perfect match for our culture here. We now look forward to having his services for the years to come.