We roll out a legendary panel…

Our Spartan panel is now lining up and marching down and around our country’s motorways, schools, parks and civil projects.

While it’s a type of design that has been part of the New Zealand landscape for decades now our latest panel has only arrived after careful research and development. We have checked and double-checked production and distribution processes to ensure both quantity and quality standards can be consistently met.

This type of panel is unique to New Zealand, and is mostly used on motorway projects as a separation between the cycle-way/ footpath and the main motorway. Simple in design but effective in action, it is a no-nonsense, cost-effective solution for large-scale fencing projects.

Why the Spartan name? Basically, this legendary fence panel is renowned for its indestructible nature. Much like the ancient warriors protecting their city with precise efficiency it enjoys a reputation that will undoubtedly endure for generations.

We?re happy to announce this panel is already standing guard around a number of new roading projects in the North Island, and we’re looking forward to showing it’s capabilities up close.

If you’d like to check the Spartan panel out we have stock available for inspection in our new Auckland depot and our Levin premises also.