No deceptions at Bluff Hill

At places where corrosion is a threat some inadequate fencing simply can’t be trusted. This is particularly true at some of New Zealand’s most scenic coastline spots, where sharp drops can be deadly and salt air can quickly rust the substandard fencing in place. At Bluff Hill in Napier the local council knows that safety is paramount. They put a plan in place to ensure everyone could be properly protected. 

Assure fencing bluff hill

Urban Group has worked with Heyhoe Engineering for many years now, and we enjoy a productive and efficient partnership with the busy Hawkes Bay firm. We know that when we get the call from Heyhoe, well, it’s off to work we go.

Such was the case when they came to us with a request for a reputable design for a popular lookout point on Bluff Hill in Napier.

With sweeping views across the bustling port below the location is a popular one with locals and tourists alike. However the steep drops in areas required adequate safety barriers and the previous fence was declared “no longer safe” by the Napier City Council.

 A council spokeswoman stated that the fence “was checked after a member of the public informed us they had leaned on the fence and it moved, and we found some of the joints on the old fence were rusted through.”

 “A new higher, raking safety fence was the order of the day,” said Urban Group’s Janlyn Robertson. “The design needed to discourage people climbing over the fence, and the construction needed to properly withstand the salt air.”

 Over 250LM of new fencing was supplied and installed at Bluff Hill, the Assure HD raking panel providing both a step up for those looking for closer view while dissuading others who might try to climb over. While the odd local complained at the change we’re sure the council prefers a safe ‘squeaky wheel’ rather than an unsafe squeaky fence.


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