Maximus Fence Panel

maximus durable fence balustrade garden retaining wall

Some walls can be challenging to properly safeguard, particularly with the various changes in heights and angles to plan for and protect from. That’s where the Maximus rises to the occasion.

 The Maximus fence panel was designed specifically for quick and efficient wall balustrade installation. It’s heavy-duty top rail and robust construction ensures the highest levels of protection and, as it can rake up to 30 degrees, it can climb steep terrain and safely conquer territory. Complying with the NZBC F4 specification requirements, it can be installed at 2.4m centres with classical style and maximum strength.

maximus durable fence balustrade garden retaining wall

Complies with NZBC F4 specification requirements

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Suitable for steep terrain

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  • Hard to bend or dent rails
  • Balanced aesthetic with bottom rail
  • Available as raking panel
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminium
  • Exclusively available as raking panel up to 22 degrees
  • Complies with pool standards
  • Balustrade/retaining wall
  • Childcare/parks
  • Cycleways/civil fencing
  • 50×50 Top bar
  • 40×40 Bottom horizontal
  • 19mm verticals
PS1 for premier and maximus fence panelfixing details for premier balustrade
Installation fixing details for balustrade system


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