Torq Fast

For gates up to 400kg

For gates up to 400kg

  • Accurate and safe operation with encoder

  • Obstacle detection

  • Programmable acceleration and deceleration

  • Self-learning of opening and closing times

  • Operation in case of absence of power using the 161237 backup battery

  • Operation with solar power using the ECO-LOGIC system

  • Synchronized operation of two motors using the SYNCRO module

  • Magnetic limit switches, all accurate and reliable over time

V2Go Module & App

Control your automation for gates and barriers from your smartphone.

Remotely manage all your automations even when you are not at home. Not only check their status, but also control them! (Open, close, stop, activate the pedestrian opening, etc.)

Enter your home without lifting a finger. By using the geolocation from your smartphone, V2 GO knows where you are and will open the chosen automation for you when you approach it, saving your time.

The App lets you manage all your accesses by giving specific time slots to who you want, when you want. Set up programmed scenarios to be run anytime you want.

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