Stark 3

Stark 3 swing gate motor

The Stark 3 gate motor from V2 Automation will give your driveway entrance the convenience of a safe and efficient automatic gate opening system.

A swing gate has always been an element that is able to add value to the charm of the home. Through the installation of a Stark 3 V2 motor, you can add to the beauty of this type of gate the convenience of a safe and efficient automatic opening system. Make the most of your world.

Irreversible electromechanical actuator
for swing gates with leaves up to 3m in length

• Equipped with opening mechanical limit stop
• Mechanical closing stop available as an accessory
• Adjustable fixing brackets to speed up motor installation

Kit includes 2x Motors, Control Board, 1 x Plug-In Receiver & 2 x Remotes

Nyk Gate Motor

Stark3 24V

Description 24V
for leaves up to 3m
CODE 29H005
Maximum leaf length 3m
Maximum leaf weight 600kg
Battery backup option Yes
Opening time to 90° 15s
Duty cycle 90%

nykmounting diagram

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