Stark 6

Stark 6 swing gate motor


Irreversible electromechanical actuator
for swing gates with leaves up to 6m in length

• Equipped with opening mechanical limit stop
• Mechanical closing stop available as an accessory
• Adjustable fixing brackets to speed up motor installation
• 24V for intensive use and battery back-up option
• Equipped with mechanical opening and closing stop
• Cast aluminium frame with bronze bush for maximum durability & reliability
• Large connection compartment located at top of motor for easy access

Kit includes 2x Motors, Control Board, 1 x Plug-In Receiver & 2 x Remotes

Stark 6 swing gate motor

Stark6 24V

Description 24V
for leaves up to 6m
CODE 22K004
Maximum leaf length 6m
Maximum leaf weight 750kg
Battery backup option Yes
Opening time to 90° 25s
Duty cycle 80%


Stark 6 swing gate motor dimensions

nykmounting diagram

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