Assure HD Fence Panel

School Fencing panel Assure HD fence panel

Since we added this panel in 2016 other companies have released their own versions. Which makes sense – it’s very popular. However when you need the most robust aluminium fence panel available, stick with the original.

With a double top rail for added strength and large vertical bars that can’t easily be damaged the Assure HD panel has been designed to comply with MOE specifications for schools as well as meeting pool regulations for residential use. Providing first-rate durability and security while avoiding an overly threatening appearance, it’s used frequently in commercial applications as well. We’ve stayed ahead of the competition with our raking version of the Assure HD as well – this option can rake up to 20 degrees to accommodate extremely steep terrain.

Assure HD Fence Panel School Fencing panel

Complies with MOE specifications for schools and residential pools

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Easily adaptable on site during installation

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  • Double top rail for added strength
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Large anti-climb gap in vertical bars
  • Available in 1500mm/1800mm heights
  • Exclusively available as raking panel up to 20 degrees
  • Designed purposely for schools
  • Childcare/parks
  • Cycleways/civil fencing
  • Verticals 25mm
  • 99 mm gaps between verticals
  • Width of panel 2.35m

Assure HD 1500mm

Assure HD 1800mm


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