• Every year New Zealand enjoys and celebrate Easter. It’s a time many us share time with family, friends and others who are important to us. We hope you and you important people had a safe and enjoyable Easter.
  • ANZAC Day is a day of remembrance for the contribution a small number made for a much larger group. Lest we Forget.
  • School Holidays – its a time families escape their normal lives and head off for quality time with their children or wider families.

In 2022 the two statutory holidays were very close and a lot of our customers (and their customers) took extended holidays. They were able to take a welcome breather from extended time with Lock-downs, border closures, vaccinations and new ways of doing things. We hope everyone was as refreshed and ready for business as our team were.

Here at Urban Group we had some staff take time off for these three events, but not all staff. Some of our staff were working behind the scenes, keeping NZ’s fence and gate projects moving forward – it was very much appreciated as it has helped keep lead times down and some key projects moving.

While the tri-fecta of School Holidays, Easter and ANZAC Day 2022 was a great chance for a break it has also served as great reminder about the importance of resource planning.
No one can make more time, so it is important to plan ahead for Fencing and Gate projects and those factors that can lead to delays:

  1. Allow time to visit sites for accurate plans, measurements and quotes
  2. Factor in time for your favourite Fencing and Gate Supplier to give you accurate materials quotes
  3. Plan for re-quotes if you or your customers plans/designs change
  4. Have your client ready to approve drawings for any custom work
  5. Ask for Estimated Arrivals or Estimated Dispatches when you confirm a materials order or custom design – fabrication and manufacture lead times can vary based on what other customers projects and material supply
  6. Be aware of statutory holidays and the impact they can have on materials, staffing and freight
  7. Don’t forget to check your inwards goods as they arrive – don’t get caught out by leaving a critical box of parts on the truck – checking the paperwork when signing the consignment note can really save your bacon!

The team at Urban Group do a great job of keeping lead times as short as possible, don’t be afraid to ask us for lead times – we will give you as much clarity as we can so you can plan effectively.